Toyota and Subaru Join Forces To Make Flexible Platform For Electric Vehicles

Toyota and Subaru collaboration isn’t anything new. In case you don’t remember, the automakers jointly made BRZ and 86 first, as well as the Crosstrek Hybrid and XV e-Boxer not so long ago.

Today, the companies made an announcement about the development of the all-new platform for electric vehicles. This so-called BEV-dedicated platform for C- and D-segment cars will make debut with an e-crossover. More precisely, both Toyota and Subaru will introduce their own all-electric crossovers. Of course, the SUVs will share not only the underpinnings but also the same powertrain and battery, so potential buyers will have to make choice between Toyota and Subaru e-crossovers based on styling and features.

The future powertrain will reportedly squeeze out the best of each side. More precisely, Subaru will be in charge of the all-wheel-drive system, while Toyota should work on the crossover’s electric motor and battery.

The new e-crossover SUV won’t be the biggest challenge for the companies though. Instead, the most problematic issue is lack of charging infrastructure at the moment. However, bearing in mind how dedicated both companies are, we are pretty sure that they have the solution in their cards already.

Some earlier announcements from Toyota hint
the arrival of the electric SUV. According to the Japanese car manufacturer,
the first EV will be introduced in 2021.