2021 Tesla Model Y Review, SUV, Price, Specs, Release date, Price…

Word is going round that electric carmaker Tesla is currently working on a crossover version of the Model 3. Visual renderings and reports about the expected vehicle are floating around on the Internet. The Model Y will sit between the Model 3 Sedan and the Model X SUV. While the manufacturer has remained hush hush about the new car, here is what we’ve gathered so far about the new car.

It is coming very soon

From what we know, nobody outside Tesla has actually seen the Model Y. Elon Musk is Tesla’s outspoken CEO. Throughout the development of this crossover, he has shared quite a lot of information about it. As a matter of fact, Elon tweeted last May that the Model Y might be revealed on March 15th 2019. In the tweet, he indicated that the automotive community can consider it real. While the company has been known to delay product reveals, we hope that the new crossover will be launched on this date.

Release date

The 2021 Tesla Model Y could be launched this year. However, it is unlikely to hit production until 2020. Last year, Business Insider referred to some leaked documents and reported that Tesla hopes to begin production of the Model Y in August 2020. This will be done after a pilot run of 2 months. Towards September 2020, the company is hoping to build a total of 2,000 Tesla Model Y’s every week.

2021 Tesla Model Y
image source: roadandtrack.com

This statement is supported by the company’s Q4 report in 2018. The firm indicated that they have embarked on a mission to prepare the Model Y so as to achieve maximum volume releases by the close of 2020. This is a highly aggressive goal. However, it is achievable. This is why.

The production platform for the 2021 Tesla Model Y is based on the Model 3

In the early days of the Model Y, Elon wanted to create a brand new platform for the crossover. However, he changed his mind after some convincing. This would have meant disrupting the automotive trend where sedans and crossovers share the same underpinnings.

A month ago, Roadshow released a report indicating that the Model Y will share ¾ of all its components with the Model 3 sedan. According to the report, these were Elon’s own words. Due to this, the crossover will hit production much faster and also cost less to create. While the Model Y will be taller, it will have the same length, wheelbase and width as the Model 3.

Baby Model X on the way

2 black and white teaser sketches have been released by Tesla. From these sketches, we are confident that the 2021 Tesla Model Y will borrow a collection of design cues from the Model 3 and the Model X. They’ve achieved a winning formula with these models. Thus, we can’t expect them to change the appearance of the crossover at all.

2021 Tesla Model Y
image source: carmagazine.co.uk

China and Nevada will host the new crossover’s plant

The 2018 Q4 investor update from Tesla revealed some details about the new Model Y. They indicated that there is a high likelihood that the crossover will be produced in the Gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada.

The company’s plant in Fremont, California is currently running at full tilt producing the Models 3, X and S. Thus, the Model Y needed to be built in a different location.

Tesla is also constructing a Gigafactory outside Shanghai, China. According to Jalopnik, this plant will also produce base versions of the Model Y. However, the models built here will be purely for the Chinese market. This report will be updated as soon as new information about the 2021 Tesla Model Y emerges.