2021 Subaru Hot Hatchback Review

For ages, Subaru fans have begged the marque to revive their hot hatchback. The model had been discontinued for more than 20 years. Fans desperately wanted the car back. Well, it seems that their requests have been heard and acted upon. We have collected information pointing towards the fact that Subaru is thoroughly interested in returning to the World Rally Championship (WRC) circuit. This is the competition that made the WRX and Impreza famous world-beating cars. Seeing as the current iterations of these models are no longer suited for the challenging WRC courses, the company has decided to revive and boost the 2021 Subaru Hot Hatchback in preparation for the next series of the race. Here is more on what we have gathered so far.

Exterior design

There are quite a number of renderings floating online of the new Subaru Hot Hatchback. While they all show different, possible stylings of the car, there are a number of exterior features that are uniform across the board. The new hot hatchback is likely to have a massive central vent in the front bumper. This section is quite likely to be punctuated with horizontal mesh bars. These are expected to keep the dirt and debris of WRC tracks from entering the engine bay. This vent is also most likely going to be sandwiched between a pair of fog lights. For maximum visibility, we are confident that these will implement LED technology.

The new hot hatchback from Subaru is most likely going to have a fairly slim grille section. Not only does this enhance the sporty appearance, but it also ensures that the new car has better aerodynamics. The headlights are most likely going to be slanted inwards and use LED technology.

2021 Subaru Hot Hatchback
source: topspeed.com

2021 Subaru Hot Hatchback

Upon the hood, we would be quite excited to see a scoop. This would be an ode to the award-winning WRX. The hot hatchback is expected to have 4 doors and a low center of gravity. For sporting purposes, the car is most likely going to have extensive sculpting on its body panels. This boosts aerodynamics and enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics.

Right from the factory, the new car is expected to ride on 18-inch wheels wrapped in low profile tires. Additional features which we are confident to see include a roof-mounted spoiler, LED taillights and double tailpipes.

Interior redesign

As with all sporty sedans, the theme of the performance is most likely going to be reflected in the cabin as well. Seeing as this is a car that’s bound for racing, there are some features which we are confident will be included. The 2021 Subaru Hot Hatchback is quite likely going to have a multifunctional, flat-bottomed steering wheel. The flapping paddle gearbox is also possibly going to be a standard feature. The car’s performance statistics are most likely going to be presented on an LCD panel. Here, drivers will be able to keep up with the vehicle’s speed, rev count, mileage and transmission.

Upon the center stack, we can expect to find a large, 8-inch touch screen display. Occupants can interact with it for the purpose of adjusting the air conditioning, infotainment, and navigation. This facility is also likely to be complemented by a series of touch-sensitive buttons. This is the latest trend in performance vehicles and the new Subaru Hot Hatchback is not likely to be left behind.

The new hatchback is fairly compact in size. However, we are confident that it will seat 4 people on 2 rows. It is likely to be upholstered in leather, fabric or Alcantara throughout. To keep with the sporty theme, we can expect extras such as contrast stitching, Subaru emblems on the headrests and carbon fiber accents throughout. The car is also likely to come with sporty bucket seats.

2021 Subaru Hot Hatchback
source: topspeed.com

Engine and specs

The 2021 Subaru Hot Hatchback is quite likely going to have a 4 cylinder powerplant under the hood. This turbocharged engine is expected to produce up to 200 horsepower. This is enough to propel the hot hatchback from 0 to 62 mph in under 7 seconds.

Price, Availability and Release Date

We are confident that the base trim of the 2021 Hot Hatchback will have a sticker price of $26,000. Furthermore, we are confident that the car will be released in 2021.