2020 Ferrari SUV Rumors, Specs, Price

We’ve been hearing rumors about an SUV vehicle from the famous carmaker for some time and it looks like it’s finally happening. If we can rely on the latest reports, the new model is expected to come already in the next year, like the 2020 Ferrari SUV. This makes perfect sense, considering that crossovers are overtaking the market and that even most renowned luxury sports carmakers are forced to make such vehicles in order to survive. Most rivals already came with such vehicles, for example, Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga etc. More precise details about the 2020 Ferrari SUV are still a mystery, so we must rely on rumors at this point.

2020 Ferrari SUV

2020 Ferrari SUV Design

The first-ever crossover from the famous carmaker will be a real performer. If we can rely on the latest reports, Ferrari aims Lamborghini Urus and its performances. Therefore, excellent aerodynamics seem like a certain thing. Still, we believe that the 2020 Ferrari SUV will be slightly smaller. The company aims for compact dimensions and lightweight body, rather than on plenty of power, so this SUV should feature very athletic nature.

In terms of the styling, we expect that the Ferrari SUV will come with the design language that closely resembles the 2016 GTC4Lusso. Of course, this refers to the front end, while the rest of the vehicle definitely won’t be so sleek. It won’t feature a typical crossover body style either, but rather something between. It will be a compact crossover, with a focus on aesthetics, rather than functionality. Therefore, don’t count on too much space on the inside.

Speaking of the inside, two rows of seats and a tight cargo area is what you should expect from the 2020 Ferrari SUV. On the other side, count on excellent interior quality, full of Alcantara leather and other fine materials. The dashboard by itself should take a lot of inspiration from the 2017 F12 TDF. Of course, count on a lot of distinctive details as well.

Ferrari SUV

2020 Ferrari SUV Engine

There are various suggestions for the 2020 Ferrari SUV engine, but it looks like the new model will most likely come with a well-known 6.3-liter V12 unit, which in the FF model delivers impressive 680 horsepower. This numbers could be slightly downsized for this occasion. Still, the new SUV still should be able to get to 60 mpg in less than four seconds. Some reports also suggest that the new model could be the first vehicle from Ferrari to come with a hybrid powertrain. However, details are still unavailable.

Ferrari SUV

Release Date and Price

While some reports suggest the new 2020 Ferrari SUV could arrive already in the next year, others claim if definitely won’t be ready before 2022. In any case, we have no doubt that the price will be pretty high. Some pretty rough estimations would go between 300.000 and 350.000 dollars. Competition is pretty tough, considering that there are already models like Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga. Also, some other major compares, like Aston Martin, are also working on their SUVs.