2018 Toyota Supra Concept, News, Price | Car Models 2017

Just couple years ahead, we might see Toyota manufacturer comes up bringing its brand new Supra model to the world auto mobile. The upcoming 2018 Toyota Supra is expected to embed a tremendous revamps and betterments. It is completely arresting for car addicts to see the new features and installments given by the company. One bit shocking platform but interesting anyway since some sources reported the Supra car will be powered with BMW’s engine to enhance more powerful performance and offer better driving sensation.

2018 Toyota Supra Concept Rendering 2018 Toyota Supra Renewed Concepts

One obvious change could be first assigned to the new car’s reduced body platform. Car designer has arranged to use a lightweight material made of carbon fiber and aluminum. These two materials have been opted out by many car makers instead of giving a lighter body weight, it also could boost up the car performance. However, currently spread out pictures are still a concept, but some speculate that the 2018 Toyota Supra will have an impressive and modern body curve. For the inside part, unfortunately, none shows the clear appearance up right now. Apart from this lack of details, public expects that significant changes are just steps ahead. The cabin is envisaged to have an elegant and deluxe look, while several high-tech components of entertainment and security systems will be also installed to the car.


As above mentioned, the use of BMW’s engine is in company’s plan. The version of 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine will be engaged under the hood. This powerful engine could approximately generate the output of 241 horsepower with 258 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, since no official confirmation, another higher engine is always possible to be injected to the 2018 Toyota Supra. The Straight Six 3.0 liter is also reliable to produce the power of 335 horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque.

2018 Toyota Supra Release Date and Price

Despite the price and due date for the car release has not been officially announced to the public, some hints suggest that the new 2018 Toyota Supra will have its first on show sometime in 2018. Under the development phase, the so far appraised value goes around $57,000.

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