2018 Mini Countryman Rumors, Specs | Car Models 2017

Here is a breeze news for the Countryman addicts who do wait for the new coming of the next gen of Mini vehicle. The future Mini car is expected to be shown to the public in the around year 2018 as offering significant changes and upgrades. Some speculations rendered that the 2018 Mini Countryman will be the largest Mini version equipped with new additional features and stuff to satisfy the customers’ demand in auto market. According to the latest news, the manufacturer will be focusing on upgrading the car’s interior and develop the body platform. It is also very possible that there will be a new powertrain injected to the upcoming Mini Countryman under the hood.

Spy Shots MINI Countryman Front View 2018 Mini Countryman Spy Shots


What is pretty obvious for the new Countryman is its body streamline that will be larger than the forerunner. It is most likely that the company will use UKL platform and Clubman. The considerable changes on the exterior can be noticed on the taillights. Moreover, the inside part of the car looks bigger providing more space for passengers and loads. The details on the additional cabin features are not known for sure, but we might expect that the auto designer will supplement the car with high-end infotainment and entertainment components. Still in rumors, the 2018 Mini Countryman will be available in the vertical position almost similar to Clubman design.

Possible Drivetrain

None for sure reveals the engine information going to be engaged to the car. Currently, the possible powertrain for the 2018 Mini Countryman will be a 1.5-liter engine capacity and 3 cylinders for the basic model. Another higher option for the higher model could receive 2.0-liter unit. Above all, we have to wait until the company has made its official confirmation.

2018 Mini Countryman Release Date and Price

Based on recent reports, the company is now working to develop the forthcoming 2018 Mini Countryman. It is expected that everything will be finished in the around year 2018. Therefore, we must be bit patient until the official release date as well as the car’s value is announced to the public. Stay tuned for the updates.

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