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Some people might not be sure with the coming of Ford Bronco just after the company released its newest concept to public in April 2015. The public’s hesitation comes since the legendary Bronco model was a favorite vehicle in around 70’s and 80’s and started to lose gradually its popularity year after year then finally discontinued in 1996. It is pretty unbelievable that the Ford team is now working on the development of 2018 Ford Bronco and ready to launch it a couple of years ahead. Some news reported that the show up the all new Bronco vehicle will be a breeze for the big fans of this muscle car. The inspiration of the upcoming vehicle might be based on the concept of great Ford Atlas that successfully attract the enthusiasts’ attention in the recent global auto. The revolutionary Atlas Concept also adopted for the Ford F150 model, uses a lighter material as giving the agile but strong vehicle in off-road and on-road driving. Even though the next Bronco is not typically truck, but it will be the best option for those who like adventure and elegant styling.

Next Ford Bronco 2018 Ford Bronco Concept 

At a glance, the exterior look of the 2018 Ford Bronco model is likely similar to a truck. It has two doors and is nearly shorter than the F150 model. We could say that the upcoming Ford Bronco has the characteristic of SUV with more endure and aggressive styling. The car’s platform uses an aluminum material and will be available in several colors variants, silver, black and maroon. In the front end, the car will have a square roof and rounded headlights, just similar to the forerunners. For the interior, the car designer is rumored to provide some latest SUV features given to the current Ford models particularly those embedded in the 2015 Ford 150 model, a truck which is closest to the Ford Atlas concept. The car seats will be upholstered with high-end leather material supplemented with the newest technologies of heating and cooling front seats and navigation technology, My Ford Touch. Moreover, features like upgraded cruise control, rear view cameras are also going to be enhanced.


The possible powertrain for the future 2018 Ford Bronco will be a 2.7 liter or 3.5 liter V6 engine options. There is also an indication that the automaker will prepare the V8 engine options with 5 liters tank.

2018 Ford Bronco Release Date and Price

Talking about the car release date, there is not yet an official announcement. However, some speculate that the 2018 Ford Bronco might hit the market in around the second half of 2017. Similarly, no one has predicted the value of this impressive vehicle. Just stay tuned for the updates.

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